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Colbat Ltd, Property Restoration and Construction company, was established in 2000 and is located in Quarteira.

Colbat was established with the objective of reaching goals in civil construction and building projects, as well as in remodeling and restoration. Our main mission is to build quality housing in Algarve, through house remodeling and restoration.

All the reconstruction process is designed by architects, and developed by professional contractors with the only objective of allying comfort with the pleasure of living in Algarve, as you may check in the Services tab.

All of the constructions in this website may be verified by their owners as being executed according to the legislation in force and with great quality.

We are holders of the Civil Construction Industrial Classification Certificate No. 33650 - ICC - which guarantees that our clients are working with a company recognized for its technical capability and work quality.
We have the necessary organization, equipment and machinery to develop all of our activity.

As the associate No.14050 of AECOPS - Public Works and Construction Companies Association - we do our best to keep up with new technologies, through Congresses, Fairs and Exhibits all over the country and abroad.

We have a solid financial situation, which allows us to answer any request made by our clients, including the presentation of bank guarantees, in case it is necessary.

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